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Wendell Davis & Associates undertakes Special Planning Projects related to planning that do not necessarily fall into typical categories. We have conducted many special research and consulting projects in the San Antonio area, including New Braunfels, Boerne, Cibolo, Schertz, Corpus Christi, Laredo, San Marcos and in South Texas and other parts of Texas. Over the years, we have completed numerous special research and planning projects, including demographics and land use scenarios for a habitat conservation plan and joint land use study, redistricting, concrete modular housing, land use analysis and mixed-use development that we invite you to learn more about by reading below:

Special Research and Consulting Projects

Southern Edwards Plateau Habitat Conservation Plan.
Conducting land use analysis and projections; population, households and housing projections for small geographic areas with a seven county region, Wendell Davis & Associates researched projections of economic indicators for each county within the region to year 2040. Projections by small geographic areas (sectors) are based on extensive analysis of the local housing market and vacant land, primarily using Appraisal District geography, residential tax records and quarterly single family survey results. These long-term projections required analysis of large tracts of vacant land with potential for residential development. The HCP was prepared for Bexar County, City of San Antonio, U.S. Department of Fish & Wildlife and the Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife as a subcontractor to Loomis Partners to use for environmental impact analysis and 30-year plan for the region.

Joint Land Use Study
Camp Bullis JLUS, WDA analyzed and wrote narrative regarding growth in the Camp Bullis Study Area, reviewed and analyzed current implementation tools: ordinances, laws, regulations and policies. This included review and analysis of Federal and State land/resource management agencies. Davis participated in JLUS Advisory Committee (AC) Meetings and prepared matrix for Existing Strategies for NOISE and VERICAL OBSTRUCTION. Davis reviewed implementation tools of all types covering all JLUS issues; reviewed maps and proposed implementation strategies and wrote narrative describing growth in the Camp Bullis study area.; further explored and researched existing implementation tools and proposed Implementation Strategies. He prepared draft of Chapter 4 Existing Plans and Programs and Chapter 5 Implementation Actions as subcontractor to Matrix Design Group.

Edwards Aquifer Authority. With Dr. L. Tucker Gibson as contractor to the EAA, Davis provided demographic analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support for the 2004 and 2012 redistricting efforts. Consultant acquired redistricting data, voter lists, precinct overlays and associated information to conduct analysis of the current demographic distribution of the 14 EAA single-member districts, create alternative redistricting plans and submit the final plan in digital form as well as multiple wall maps representing the results.

Market Feasibility of Concrete Modular Housing
Prepared for South Texas and the Laredo, Texas Market Area for Modular Construction Systems of Laredo, LLC. Texas.

Housing Market Analysis and Feasibility of Single Family Residential Development
For Harlandale Independent School District surplus school property Davis prepared single family feasibility analysis and plan, met with HISD staff and neighborhood group, then prepared a Request for Proposals for the sale and development of the property, worked with the purchasing department and attorney. Several presentations were made to the Board of Trustees with the package being advertised for bid on two occasions.

Real Estate Market Analysis of Land Uses
La Cantera Mixed Use Development. This major report and analysis of residential and commercial land uses includes recommended pricing and phasing, competitive real estate market demand, and recommended Marketing Strategy. The report was prepared for a 1,200 acre tract in northwest San Antonio for La Cantera Development Company a subsidiary of USAA, San Antonio, Texas. In addition to the market analysis, Davis served on the committee to develop a set of sophisticated Restrictive Covenants and Design Guidelines. This comprehensive analysis was prepared for a 1500-acre development for La Cantera Development Company, subsidiary of USAA. The report also included a section recommending land pricing and phasing of the development assisted by a professional real estate appraiser. The Team considered two approaches to real estate demand: 1) Marketing Approach to Driving Demand and 2) Market Driven Demand Approach. Due to limited local and non-local market driven demand, the Marketing Approach was adopted. Land pricing was then based on this approach. This major report and analysis of residential and commercial land uses includes recommended pricing and phasing, competitive real estate market demand, and Marketing Strategy. The report was prepared for a 1,200 acre tract in northwest San Antonio for La Cantera Development Company a subsidiary of USAA, San Antonio, Texas.

Market Analysis of Mixed-Use Development Plan with Branch Library
The City of San Antonio engaged Kell-Munoz Architects and Wendell Davis to prepare a mixed-use plan for the 25-acre Mission Drive-in property next to Mission San Jose. The primary use of the property would be approximately 4 acres to build the Council District 3 Branch library and consultants to determining the best uses for the remaining property and develop a master plan for the entire 25 acres. While Steve Tillotson of Kell-Munoz designed the library and prepared the master plan, Davis conducted research of case studies for similar mixed-use projects in the U.S., conducted a retail gap analysis, office market analysis, land values and attached residential market analysis and prepared demographics for the Trade Area. In order to implement the plan, the City created a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) to take advantage of incremental taxes from real property improvements within the zone and fund infrastructure and other costs for the 25-acre project. Davis identifies potential types of businesses and companies that would be suitable and successful at the site. Some common themes from more than 100 case studies of MXDs included: a Main Street, pedestrian-friendly, live-work concept, New Urbanism/TND, redevelopment and adaptive re-use.

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