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Wendell Davis & Associates, dba SA decision Mapping provides custom mapping and Geographic Information Systems GIS services for planning projects in the San Antonio area, Laredo, New Braunfels and surrounding areas of Texas. We have extensive mapping resources for aerial wall maps, residential growth maps, land acquisition maps, custom GIS services for your mapping and geographic needs to analyze and illustrate research and development proposals. We invite you to view the variety of GIS and mapping services that we offer below:

GIS Services

SA decision Mapping prepares maps for decision-making by builders, developers, real estate professionals, retail location specialists, hospital districts, cities, counties, school districts, community colleges, and universities. Among the different maps we have prepared, several typical maps use the aerial photos as a base map. This website describes the most requested types of maps. Growth study maps are essential not only for their comprehensive data, but their ability to bring geography and data together in a visual presentation. Maps are essential business tools in development, financing and overall business and public decision-making.

A variety of maps are prepared for real estate decision making. The most popular map is a custom-designated geographic area with residential growth information, including Master Development Plans submitted to the City of San Antonio, and vacant land parcels with potential for single family residential development. Maps also show major employers, landmarks, proposed thoroughfares, FEMA flood plains, and other relevant decision-making information. Before a map order is placed, SA decision Mapping submits a proposal designating the area of coverage, size, layers (content) and prices of the map and optional data.

Aerial Wall Maps

Aerial Wall Maps are typically 96” wide by 82” tall, but custom sizes and coverage are available. This typically includes aerial maps of Bexar County and surrounding counties in the region. The base map will be the most recent available aerial imagery.

Layers Most Typically Added (for Wall maps)

  • Large Master Development Plans
  • Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone
  • FEMA floodplains
  • Quarries
  • Military and converted bases
  • Parks and conservation land
  • Universities and colleges
  • Theme parks

Residential Growth Maps

Residential Growth Maps provide an illustration of residential growth within selected areas in Bexar County and/or surrounding counties. Map area boundaries are determined by the client. The most current aerial imagery is used as the base map. In order to best show the following data layers and information labels, the minimum scale is typically 1”=2000’

Residential Growth Map Layers (Typically Included where available)
• Active Master Development Plans (MDPs) & other selected active or planned subdivisions outlined/labeled in yellow. (Total number of Future single family housing units (to include vacant, platted, pending and planned lots) in MDPs and other selected or planned subdivisions are shown with the name label)

• Properties in Residential Pre-Planning. Large vacant tracts of land not known to be in the development process but under the control of active owners or developers are outlined and labeled in green with estimated future lots

• Major retailers w/logos and major employers labeled on the map

• School District boundaries

• Proposed major thoroughfares

• Company logo included on map if desired

Residential Growth Map Optional data/information or layers
• Existing subdivisions w/number of rooftops labeled on the map in white accompanied by a spreadsheet showing name of subdivision, rooftops, MAPSCO location, approximate price range of homes

• Excel spreadsheet showing Planned and Potential subdivisions that are labeled on the map with the number of planned & potential lots, vacant developed lots, platted lots, pending plat lots

• Historical and projected absorption rates of lots (new homes) by subdivision within defined “Trade” Area

Digital Files
We reduce the original map file to an 11”x 17” map in PDF, .jpg, .tiff, or other digital format suitable for emailing or for brochure prints (depending on size of original) for an additional fee.

Land Acquisition Map

Land Acquisition Maps are typically prepared for developers of single family and commercial property, these maps on an aerial photo base are usually at a scale of 1”= 2000’ or larger and often include County Appraisal District parcels selected to some minimum size and/or other specifications. A zoning layer with selected zoning categories is sometimes used, along with floodplains, recharge zone and proposed thoroughfares. Major sewer lines locations and sizes are also an optional layer. A database list of property owners is usually generated. Most optional layers can be added to the maps, but too many layers reduce the map’s ability to communicate.

Community Maps

Prepared for builders’ model homes, Community Maps show the area around a new home community being marketed. Typically, the aerial photo is 1”=2000’ or larger and shows schools, shopping, major employers, selected landmarks, major transportation routes and/or client-selected layers.

Marketing Brochure Maps

Typically 11”x 17” Marketing Brochure Maps are created for brochures and other marketing purposes. They show the site with competition and selected data. Maps can be hard copies, PDF, .jpg, .tiff, or other digital format convenient for email.

GIS Projects and Maps Examples

City of Alamo Heights Zoning Map. Recreated zoning map in ArcGIS from MapInfo files using existing zoning map and current Bexar Appraisal District Parcel files and updated zoning changes through November 2013.

Active Credit Union Business Accounts w/Branch Locations and 3-mile radius for each branch.

Vacant Parcels > ½ acre for Development Consideration. Renaissance Interests.

Map, Projected Housing, Land Use and Demographic data for 7-County Habitat Conservation Plan. (Loomis Partners)

Map, Projected Housing, Land Use and Demographic data for 4-County Environmental Impact Analysis. (Hicks & Company.)

Map, Projected Housing, Land Use and Demographic data for Water Purveyor Service Area. M.W. Cude Engineers for Bexar Metropolitan Water District.

Residential Growth Maps of areas within San Antonio Region at scale: 1” = 2000’ for Far West Bexar County; Far North West Bexar/S Kendall County; North Central Bexar/S Comal County; East Bexar/W Guadalupe/S Comal County; New Braunfels/I-35 Corridor and Medina County.

Redistricting. Prepared 2012 Director Districts based on 2010 Census Block Data using 2012 Voter Precincts from 7-County region established as jurisdiction of the Edwards Aquifer Authority.

Wendell Davis uses ArcGIS software by ESRI to geocode and map the locations of students and to conduct geographic analysis of students by school and place of residence. This software will also be used to prepare working maps and presentation maps of the district.

Geographic Information Systems and Databases. Working in both ArcView and MapInfo formats; Davis developed GIS applications for school districts and housing analysis in San Antonio and in the Houston, Laredo, Longview, San Antonio and Wylie, Texas areas. He developed databases for land use and transportation; population and employment forecasting for the Tulsa Metropolitan Area, and currently maintains housing, demographic and GIS databases in the San Antonio area.

Custom GIS Analysis and Maps

SA decision Mapping can create GIS data from spatial maps and respective databases. This data is then aggregated, queried and analyzed to allow new insight into prospective business opportunities. Using ESRI GIS software we create overlays from your tabular data if it is Geo-referenced with locators such as address, zip codes, map grid or X-Y coordinates. We customize maps and layers to your specific needs and selected properties.

Custom Maps
The price of each custom map includes one draft and one final map for presentation. The client typically selects the trade area to be covered; SA decision mapping prepares a draft that meets the minimum scale and client area; and the client is asked to come by to review and approve the draft.

Land Parcel Analysis and Parcel Base
Acquired from County Appraisal Districts, Polygons or geometric shapes represent properties and ownerships. This theme and corresponding information can be used to show developed versus undeveloped land, housing value, land value, land use, owner-occupied structures & other characteristics of structures.

Demographic Analysis and Census Geography
This can be used to represent the distribution of demographic data in thematic maps for characteristics such as concentration of population, population by race, households by income group, persons per household and population change.

Environmental Considerations and US Geological Survey (USGS)
Environmental features are shown and analysis is conducted related to development and the environment, with an environmental map using a USGS base with natural features, topography, landmarks, bodies of water and tributaries.

Redistricting and Voter Maps
These maps include census blocks and precincts with block data and precinct data for voting age population by race and ethnicity.

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