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Wendell Davis & Associates provides professional planning services in and around San Antonio, City of Alice, Pleasanton, San Marcos, New Braunfels, throughout Texas and neighboring states. We have extensive experience in city planning, land planning and a variety of planning projects throughout Texas and we invite you to find out more by reading the sections below and by filling out our short form.

City Planning

After leading the City of San Antonio Planning Department’s Comprehensive Plan effort from 1977-1979 Davis formed Wendell Davis & Associates as a planning consultant. WDA became the prime contractor in preparing the City of San Antonio’s first Unified Development Code and remains familiar with the City’s current Unified Development Code as well as the development process. A predecessor to the current UDC, this contract included reviewing, editing, reorganizing and combining six chapters of the City Code into a single unified chapter. Subjects covered were airport zoning, floodplains, streets & sidewalks, mobile home parks, subdivisions and zoning. A companion report was prepared to cover recommendations and issues that were not included with the ordinance. This work was in conjunction with the late municipal law expert Harvey Hardy, Esq. and resulted in a new Chapter 35 of the City Code, which was adopted by City Council in 1987. WDA has represented applicants in numerous zoning cases as well as negotiated with neighborhood organizations for zoning and development proposals. He prepared a neighborhood plan component for the Tulsa Comprehensive Plan, working with a neighborhood planning team and public officials. WDA prepared the Development Process Manual for the City of San Antonio Development Services Department.

Regional Projects

Population Growth, Economics and Land Use Analysis
Southern Edwards Plateau Habitat Conservation Plan. This consisted of land use analysis and projections; population, households and housing projections for small geographic areas with a seven county region. Wendell Davis researched projections of economic indicators for each county within the region to year 2040. The projections by small geographic areas are based on extensive analysis of the local housing market and vacant land, primarily using Appraisal District geography, residential tax records and quarterly single family survey results. These long-term projections required analysis of large tracts of vacant land with potential for residential development. This was prepared for Bexar County, City of San Antonio, U.S. Department of Fish & Wildlife and the Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife as a subcontractor to Loomis Partners to be used for an environmental impact analysis and a 30-year plan for the region.

Growth and Land Use Analysis by Small Area
TXDOT. Provided geographic growth analysis to Jacobs-Carter Burgess Engineering through Hicks & Company Environmental to project population, single family growth and land use scenarios to year 2035 as input for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for U.S. 281 Corridor. The projections by small geographic areas (sectors and traffic analysis zones) are based on extensive analysis of the local housing market and vacant land, primarily using Appraisal District geography, residential tax records and quarterly single family survey results. These long-term projections required analysis of large tracts of vacant land with potential for residential development.

Bexar Metropolitan Water District/M.W. Cude Engineers, L.L.C. WDA
Provided projections of housing units land uses within the BexarMet southeast service area for the years 2010, 2015, 2020, 2025 and 2030. Consultant quantified single family acres and units, multi-family acres and units, manufactured home acres and units and acres of retail, office industrial, government and other land uses estimated for 2000 and current year.

Areawide Environmental Impact Statement
A comprehensive analysis of official HUD criteria applied to the demographic, economic and physical environment of the Randolph AFB Sub-region in north east Bexar County, TX was prepared for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Action Plan
This was a review of the development process in Blanco County, Texas for the Commissioners’ Court, prepared under the auspices of the Texas Department of Community Affairs. The final product included revised subdivision regulations and procedures for the management and financing of development within the unincorporated areas of the County.

Plan for a Strategic Plan
Acting on behalf of San Antonio Planning Advisors, WDA conducted research for Atascosa County, Texas and prepared a report for the Commissioners’ Court with an outline for the County to take deliberate action in determining what needs to be done to prepare for what is expected to happen over the next 5-10 years within the County, especially in the unincorporated areas. It is a call to action to decide in advance what the County might want to accomplish or avoid; to learn what will influence the future and to knowingly cooperate with future events or to influence them. Problems can often be anticipated and solutions can be found without costly mistakes. The County can set priorities to do first things first; and address the rapid growth that is anticipated for the near future or anticipate the likely rate of growth. It recommends that the County prepare a Long-Term Strategic Plan to allow County officials to become educated about potential impacts of growth and also to involve residents in determining the County’s policies to address the future.

Edwards Aquifer Authority. With Dr. L. Tucker Gibson as contractor to the EAA, Davis provided demographic analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support for the 2004 and 2012 redistricting efforts. Consultant acquired redistricting data, voter lists, precinct overlays and associated information to conduct analysis of the current demographic distribution of the 14 EAA single-member districts, create alternative redistricting plans and submit the final plan in digital form as well as multiple wall maps representing the results.

Land Planning and Master Plans

Following is a list of plans and services of WDA and Wendell Davis, AICP:

  • Planned Unit Development (PUD) plans
  • Master Development Plans (MDP) and subdivision plans for thousands of acres in San Antonio and other areas of Texas. Plans for Denton Development, including Encino Park, Longs Creek, Oakwell Farms, The Park and Village at Lincoln Heights, Shavano Creek, Shavano Park Estates and Woodcrest in Live Oak.
  • Restrictive covenants and design guidelines for Cedar Creek, Elm Creek Unit 15, Park at Lincoln Heights, La Cantera, North Rim and Main Street Helotes projects.
  • Land analysis & maps for potential development in San Antonio for American CityVista.
  • Filed and represented the developer/owner on zoning cases.
  • Established vested rights
  • Negotiated with neighborhoods for zoning and land development.
  • Submitted plats.
  • Gave presentations to the San Antonio City Council, Planning Commission and Zoning Commission on behalf of developers/owners.

Main Street Helotes
Located in Helotes, TX, this is a market analysis and site plan for a 13.83-acre privately owned project proposed for retail medical office and business-related uses in the “Main Street” style of development. Davis prepared a land use plan, design guidelines and protective covenants that honored existing trees.

Encino Park
The working master plan and unit plans were prepared for Encino Park Venture for this 2,371-acre mixed-use development in north central Bexar County. Davis conducted market analysis and land planning from 1980 to 1984, when the undeveloped 1,800 acres were sold by the Venture. He was instrumental in the detachment of 1,800 acres from the Comal Independent School District and its annexation to the North East Independent School District in Bexar County. In addition he prepared market reports for the creation of Municipal Utility Districts and for the sale of bonds. Upon annexation of Encino Park M.U.D. No. 2 to the City of San Antonio, Davis established non-conforming rights for several residual parcels negotiated restrictions with homeowners and processed rezoning. Davis prepared a Master Development Plan for this project.

Oakwell Farms
A Master planned community and PUD on 500-acres in the near northeast area of San Antonio, Texas. Wendell Davis has prepared detailed land plans and related implementation documents for the project after Denton Development become involved. Oakwell Farms is a project of Denton Companies and Oakwell Farms Corporation.

Master Plan and Market Feasibility Analysis
Hays County Municipal Districts 2 & 3 – High Ridge, a 514-acre development in northeast Hays County, Texas was prepared for Grisham Gardner Development Corporation, Austin TX.

Parks Master Plan
Prepared the Town of Hollywood Park, Texas, the Parks Master Plan included an inventory of park land and facilities in conjunction with landscape architects. A survey of residents was conducted regarding park and recreation needs; Davis met with citizens committee and conducted public meetings on the proposed plan. The Parks Master Plan was adopted by the City Council and Davis worked with landscape architect Jim Gray to implement the plan.

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