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Wendell Davis & Associates provides land planning services throughout San Antonio, Pleasanton, San Marcos, Laredo, New Braunfels and surrounding areas of Texas. Wendell D. Davis, AICP, diverse experience covers more than 35 years in city planning, land planning, school district planning, research, real estate market analysis with a focus on housing, database development, demographic and economic forecasting, and public policy and regulation analysis for the public and private sectors. Founder and President of SA Research Corporation since its incorporation in 1983, Davis has consulted in city planning, land planning and feasibility analysis for residential and mixed-use development.

Wendell Davis, AICP, moved to the City of San Antonio, to be Chief of Long Range Planning, where he supervised planners, draftsmen, administrative assistants and researchers in updating the City’s Master Plan. After leaving City staff, Davis became a planning consultant in the private sector, where he has conducted more than 200 studies in planning, real estate market research and feasibility, demographics and housing analysis and prepared and updated land plans and Master Development Plans (MDPs) for single family and mixed-use developments, from a few acres to 4,000 acres.

Davis moved to San Antonio from Tulsa in 1977 to become the planner in charge of preparing the city’s comprehensive/master plan. He led a team of young professional planners. This effort was very successful in preparing the all appropriate elements, graphics and chapters of the San Antonio Master Plan over a period of more than 2 years. Then, something happened when local politics became more important than having a meaningful guide to the future development of San Antonio. You see, this was not actually an update because previous planning efforts had almost come to fruition, but had not been adopted because the city fathers did not want to have that guide. There had been efforts in the 1950s, 1967 and 1972 that had not been adopted. And although the city had its subdivision regulations and zoning ordinances, there was not a true master plan to provide guidance and coordination of the city’s decision-making on development projects.

After leaving the City planning department, Wendell Davis became a planning consultant and started the firm of Wendell Davis & Associates. There is something about being a consultant that makes one a very interdisciplinary professional. Over the past 30+ years, Davis has branched out into all areas of planning as illustrated in his resume, list of projects and references. Initially, he was contract land planner for a local developer and also prepared plans and market feasibility analysis for other developers. In 1983, Davis perceived a need for more real estate research, economic and demographic analysis and founded SA Research Corporation. This was to fill that perceived need/demand while he maintained his planning consulting practice. In the private sector, you change with the market and the events of the period. Land Planning was up and down and began to wane in the late 1980s, but picked up in the early 1990s. Real estate market research was good during the good years, but also dropped off in the late 1980s. Meanwhile, new geographic information system software was beginning to become available and K-12 public school districts were growing, some by leaps and bounds. School Districts were in need of planning for the location of new schools and there was a need for demographics and enrollment projections. In the 1990s, Davis continued to prepare land plans, market analyses and more public school district planning projects.

This background is to point out that there are many areas of planning and Davis has gained knowledge and experience in them and more expertise in several. His experience in planning, land planning, land use, housing market research and analysis; environmental impact studies; demographic and economic analysis, jobs and projections; working with civil engineers and specialized engineers in land planning and land development; real estate market research and analysis covering almost all types of residential and commercial real estate; use of geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping software; preparing databases for transportation planning and working with major thoroughfare plans; preparing San Antonio’s first Unified Development Code from chapters of the existing Code; conducting field surveys for land use and housing; preparing a commercial land plan and market analysis for Main Street Helotes; preparing a Parks Master Plan; serving on the boards of non-profit organizations; meeting deadlines for a monthly publication; preparing hundreds of reports; and redistricting of single-member districts for the Edwards Aquifer Authority in 2002, 2004 and 2011-2012. This kind of experience provides comprehensive experience and knowledge of the many areas of planning.

In 2012, Wendell Davis would like to accomplish the preparation of a useful, adoptable, meaningful Master Plan for the City of Pleasanton, Texas. It will not be sufficient to prepare this plan, present for adoption and return to San Antonio. The City is at an important point in its history where the events will determine that the city has no say in its future OR the City will determine how it will develop in cooperation with and even harnessing that growth. This is why Wendell Davis & Associates is making this proposal and including additional tasks that would make no economic sense to a large firm.


Davis educational background includes the Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of Texas-Arlington; Master of Community Planning (MCP), University of Rhode Island.

Professional Designation and Affiliations

  • Designated Member – American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) since 1980
  • Member – American Planning Association since 1970

Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • Neighborhood Resource Center, Board of Directors since 1999.
  • Regional Planning Foundation, Co-Founder and Director since 2007
  • San Antonio Planning Advisors, LLC, Co-Founder and Managing Partner since 2008
  • Center for Urban & Regional Planning Research Advisory Council, Chair 2013-14

After leading the City of San Antonio Planning Department’s Comprehensive Plan effort from 1977-1979 Davis formed Wendell Davis & Associates as a planning consultant. WDA became the prime contractor in preparing the City of San Antonio’s first Unified Development Code and remains familiar with the City’s current Unified Development Code as well as the development process. A predecessor to the current UDC, this contract included reviewing, editing, reorganizing and combining six chapters of the City Code into a single unified chapter. Subjects covered were airport zoning, floodplains, streets & sidewalks, mobile home parks, subdivisions and zoning. A companion report was prepared to cover recommendations and issues that were not included with the ordinance. This work was in conjunction with the late municipal law expert Harvey Hardy, Esq. and resulted in a new Chapter 35 of the City Code, which was adopted by City Council in 1987. WDA has represented applicants in numerous zoning cases as well as negotiated with neighborhood organizations for zoning and development proposals. He prepared a neighborhood plan component for the Tulsa Comprehensive Plan, working with a neighborhood planning team and public officials. WDA prepared the Development Process Manual for the City of San Antonio Development Services Department.

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