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Planning Services | San Antonio

Wendell Davis & Associates (WDA) is a planning team that offers a wide-range of research, analysis and planning services throughout San Antonio, City of Alice, Pleasanton, San Marcos, Laredo, New Braunfels and surrounding areas of Texas. We provide a practical approach to your assignments based on our extensive experience accumulated in planning and related fields of real estate market analysis, demographics, land use, housing and mapping. Our Team does this objectively, and from a private perspective when appropriate. We believe that ‘shelf plans’ should be avoided and we are determined to prepare reports and plans that are used for their intended purposes. WDA offers a unique blend of consulting experience primarily to Texas clients and we are available to discuss and help to identify your planning and related needs.

Established in 1980 to offer professional planning services, Wendell Davis & Associates, also provides real estate market research, analysis of housing growth; land use and data analysis; and evaluation of growth patterns. WDA researches market opportunities on behalf of clients for acquisition and development of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties, our emphasis has been on the single family residential market. This information has proven to be invaluable to school districts in considering the locations of future school sites.

In response to the uncertainties of the rapidly changing economy and real estate market, WDA assists firms in decision-making processes of key market variables and providing information for investors to better understand the risks involved. Through a wide-variety of real estate projects and experience, WDA gained a strong grasp of San Antonio and Texas real estate markets from both public and private perspectives. We have seen and experienced highs and lows of housing and all real estate markets and have provided analysis of these events to developer clients. Although educated in the “old school” of planning, Davis has observed Form-Based Codes, New Urbanism and Smart Growth trends in planning, land development regulations and their effects on the housing market. Demographics are changing and so are the demands for, and responses to, all real estate markets. However, these forms of regulation may not be applicable to all areas of cities or regions.

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Planning Services | San Antonio

San Antonio, City of Alice, Pleasanton, San Marcus, Laredo, Braunfels and surrounding areas of Texas.

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